SF-609 Fan Master

Wait. Another fan bus on the market? What's different on this one?

It's a fan-speed controller for up to four fans. It's a programmable temperature sensor and alarm for up to four points inside your system. There are seven different backlight color choices on each and every panel you purchase (as shown in pictures below). You can change the color to match your surroundings and taste. Or you can program it so that the back light color changes automatically every three seconds. Very cool blue back lights behind the fan speed knobs. The fan speed sensor/controller works with almost all brands of fans. Two front panel color choices: Black and silver.

Okay. Now it gets your attention. Right?

Features & Specifications:


Aluminum Front PanelSteel Body

Front Panel Color

Red, Blue, Champagne, Black, Acrylic panel, Silver

Device Space

5.25" driver device

Function display

4 sets of temperature display(CPU ,HDD,CASE.POWER)4 sets of fan speed display(CPU ,HDD, CASE.POWER)

Background LCD display

Seven status colors (Red/Yellow/Green/Purple/Indigo/Blue/white)

Fan Controlling Knobs

Control CPU, HDD, CASE, POWER fan speed


Taiwan, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, China


148.5 x 42.5 x 75.8 mm, 215 x 90 x 170 mm(color box)

Available temperature of control range

0oC ~ 50oC ( 32oF ~ 106oF )

The sensor temperature range

0oC ~ 99oC ( 32oF ~ 211oF )

The set up range of temperature

0oC ~ 99oC ( 32oF ~ 211oF )

The R.P.M monitoring range of the fan

0 ~ 9999 RPM (<= 400RPM alarm) 30 RPM per unit

Input Power

5V <= 0.5W 12V = base on the amps of the fan

Output voltage


The max. watt of the single fan


The max. watt of the single fan



Output voltage protection/ short circuit

Audio Alarm Warning

Alarm message & Red light blinking


CE EN55022, 1998 EN55024, 1998 -IEC61000-4-2, 2001 -IEC61000-4-3, 1995 -IEC61000-4-4, 1995 -IEC61000-4-6: 1996FCC Class B / ANSI C63.4, 1992

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